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HELLO! I'm Mel, you can call me Mel.
i'm happily married to a huge goofy dude who frequently talks like elmo. I have 2 grey tortie cats, i fucking LOVE fish (and will talk your fucking ear off about proper fish housing and care) and i'd like to one day own a crested gecko.

This is Gidget, who is 10 yrs old, and Biz, full name Perfect Beautiful Business Child, who is about 2 and a half.

I'm an avid collector of THINGS, mainly virtual pets (such as Tamagotchi and Digimon), but I also collect polyhedral dice, because they are shiny and play on the goblin inside of me. Aside from these, which I would say are my 'main collections', I also hoard shiny rocks and geodes as well as seashells.

When i'm not browsing lots for collectables, I play a helluva a lot of video games.
I play a LOT of MMORPG's, like FFXIV, PSO2, Maplestory, Ragnarok Online, PSU Clementine, and Ephinea PSOBB to name a few.
I'm also a filthy casual, and enjoy playing relaxing sim games like Animal Crossing in my free time!

If you'd like, you can add my button to your site!


December 19th, 1:30PM EST~Tama Update 358/2 days

SO, I gave up a little bit, as may be obvious by how its been, like, two and a half weeks since I last wrote an update to this site. I ended up marrying Togetchi, and the baby was another Lovelitchi lookalike, so I went ahead and took out the batteries for a break. Since that whole fiasco, I've been busy with end of year commissions and family, but there is some exciting news!

I FINALLY ordered a Tamagotchi Sweets Meets!

in the meanwhile, I ordered myself a soft plush bag to carry my tamas around in without worrying about scratching them, and I ordered some screen cleaner to HOPEFULLY fix my first Tamagotchi Meets, which tragically got a scratch right down the center of the screen. I'm not super confident that I'll be able to get rid of that completely, tho...

We, meaning my husband and I, spent hours the other night writing up custom christmas cards for our friends and family. It's the first time I've ever done something like hand writing letters for so many people, but honestly its a little strange that it's taken me THIS long to write christmas cards, considering i've always been super in love with stationery; we even bought new stamps and stickers expressly for these cards, along with some Sumikko Gurashi themed stuff. ALSO I recently delved into using washi tape, which I can't BELIEVE i've missed out on for so long!! I don't really know how to explain why I love it so much but I LOVE IT.

Oh also, before I end this lil update, I recently bought and downloaded the Magic Hut download for the mymeets application, and I HIGHLY reccomend getting it if your a very busy adult that still wants to run Tamagotchi regularly! It's incredibly helpful and has a lot of great tools to make Tama raising easier, go check it out on Etsy!

See you all soon, most likely after new years! Happy holidays ♪(^∇^*)

November 27th, 2:14PM EST~Tama Update; Curse of Lovelitchi

You may notice...that this update comes a bit...later, than usual at least. WELL, here's the thing; SOMEHOW, by some force of nature, the baby that Maskutchi and Lovelitchi had ended up looking EXACTLY LIKE Lovelitchi, same colors and everything. I thought for sure that Maskutchi's genes were strong enough to make for a really interesting mix, but apparently not. I was so dissapointed that i pretty much forgot to take any other pictures besides THIS ONE;

So i pretty much immediately married her off to my other M!X tama, who happened to be a lovely mix of Jellytchi and Speplanetchi...

Both babies had Lovelitchi's ears, which i was hoping would go away when they matured...

And of course, AS I WAS WRITING THIS UPDATE, both teens grew up!

I am cursed. Lovelitchi does not want to leave this family line, she just wont let go. The spacey baby is ADORABLE and a wonderful mix of Lovelitchi and Jellytchi genes, but the anniversary baby is...just Lovelitchi with different eyes...
I'm going to work on unlocking Makkakka town and Ura town, and HOPEFULLY the next mix will be able to break the Lovelitchi curse ಥ_ಥ

November 23rd, 12:05AM EST~Tama Update: Chain of Memories

OK so i must have coddled my tama too much cause she turned into Lovelitchi, which is fine! i like lovelitchi! I just prefer other tamas!!

pretty soon after she evolved, I set to work unlocking locations so i could find her an eligible bachelor that i liked, which actually made me go and turn my first tamagotchi m!x on! turns out you need an item from the mermaid palace to unlock one of the areas on the anniversary m!x, so i booted up my spacey m!x and swapped it over. I may keep the spacey on for a bit cause i do like the tama i have on there, but BACK to the anniversary m!x...i could only unlock about 4 new lands, but LO AND BEHOLD i found my good ol friend maskutchi in one of them!!

the baby they had shortly after this pic was taken is ANOTHER girl tama(im getting so insanely lucky?? wtf??), not sure what she'll look like but i bet itll be adorable (´▽`ʃ♡ƪ)

November 21st, 7:54PM EST~Tama Update #1 1/2

OK so, we now have a TEEN, folks!

also i did do a little further looking and found the actual sprite for this teen pretty quick, so clearly my googling earlier was hella inefficient lol

i...kinda dont like this teen as much, but i guess its one of those awkward middle stages? everyone has that one year of embarrassing teenaged antics where they wore a classic burglar mask everywhere, right? oh well, i did see some of the art for the other teens and they look pretty interesting, but i dont like purposefully neglecting my tamas for specific evolutions too much :/ i do believe the next evolution will be the adult stage tho, so here's hoping i get a nice adult, cause whoever it is im marrying to uratogetchi pr much asap ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

November 21st, 2020 4:09PM EST~Tama Update #1

So i definitely forgot to take pics of the baby form and the first evolution, and im super duper too lazy to do it now apparently, but luckily i found the sprites online!!

LOVE the mochi evolution with her lil LEAF, and i totally thought the first form looked like a lil chestnut baby 🌰
I was very attentive during these first few hours with it, so this is the best care evolution i think, also didnt realise immediately that this is a girl tama, which is weirdly rare for me? I almost always start with boys for some reason, but im excited to see where the evolutionary line goes cause none of the teens seemed to have sprites where i was looking. Since i started running this one a little late in the day when i got it, i assume the teen evolution wont happen till later today so i might have like, a part 2 to this update soon!!( •̀ ω •́ )✧

November 20th, 2020 9:08PM EST~Early Christmas Tamamail!

Well, I didnt intend for my tama mail to get here as fast as it did, but it shipped INCREDIBLY FAST for some unknown reason, so uhhh...Here's my early christmas present!! lol

Its got a few surface scratches, but overall its in great condition!
I bought it used for around $55 USD, which is honestly such a steal for how nice it looks in person.
The packaging also came intact, which im so glad of cause im one of those weirdos who keeps the boxes for all their vpets 🥴💦
I continue to be completely floored by how much more responsive the M!X models are compared to the current Meets models, the only slow menu is any text menu, but everything else is zippy as hell...I do still prefer the Meets, but only because of the expanded features and the connectivity with the app. The M!X will always have a special place in my heart, as it was the first Tamagotchi I ever got, and this 20th anniversary shell is one i've wanted since it came out, not to mention my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE tama is in this one!!!!!

such a cutie, god i cant wait to meet them in game 💖
as is tradition, i have TOILED away and created another adorable sweater for this tama as well, this time I decided to try giving it a tail!

though honestly, the tail tends to get in the way a bit so I might remove it later ^^;; I'll do my best to raise my first baby on this anniversary shell, and i'll post a lil update about what it evolves into later!
( ゚д゚)つ Bye

November 19th, 2020 11:47PM EST~BUTTONNNN!!

I fiddled around in aseprite today and made myself a site button!!! im pretty excited about it, tho i should probably change my header pic to match the updated way i draw my 'sona. I went ahead and linked it in my about section, and i included a lil text field so ppl can add it to their sites too!!! aaa!!!!!
ALSO i ordered myself an early christmas present, im looking forward to sharing pics when it arrives

November 18th, 2020 1:20PM EST~Renovated!!

its taken a lot of fuckin trouble to make this site look the way i want but im finally happy, for the most part. i'll probably fiddle with it a bit more in the future but for now, im stickin with this layout.
ALSO, lil vpet update; I got another digimon device, as well as a BRAND NEW kind of vpet (very epic and cool, i know) its called a Maze Maze Mix! Punitapi-chan, and its based on a boba tea cup. You collect different little boba's by making different drinks and stirring it up, and then you can display them on a sort of lock screen with a clock. its cute, but overall its lacking compared to my tama's and digi's.

at any rate, its a great desk clock!


I have 5 modern Tamagotchi, and two of the re released retro models, as well as two of the 20th anniversary Digimon Digivice's. I also shelled out about $70 (holy sh*t) for a 1998 clear purple digimon because I HATE my wallet! Ive also started creating custom content for my tamagotchi Meets, which you can preview and download right here! wowza!

This custom content requires the MyMeets application, which is freeware made HERE, so I do not claim responsibility for any weirdness that may occur using this application!!

⇊ZIP Download!⇊
Simply download the zip, extract the item to your assets -> items -> en folder, and it should appear in your MyMeets wallpaper section!

I also have made some Chao themed desktop icons!
⇊ZIP Download!⇊